How to Join:

1. Create an account: Click on Join Now below

2. Fill up the form and after click on button Get Started

3. After you fill up all required information for registration,you will get confirmation link in your mail to Verify your OneCoin account !

4.After confirming your account you will get your status Rookie

5. Click on Shop button on the left Menu and Click on ONE ACADAMY (ONE ACADAMY EDUCATIONAL packages),  Select the Package which you want to buy then click on ADD to Cart.

  • If your buying package first time then select (with activation fee package +30 Euro).

  • Form next upgrade package you have to select (without activation fee),

  • If you want to combine two package then select lower one with activation & higher one without action fee.


For UK and Japan members ONLY – you must join with a Starter Package first, after which you can upgrade to a higher level. All UK members will have a 14-days cancellation right after purchasing the package.

6. After Selecting the package click on Checkout

7. Select the payment Method then click on Next Step…

Note: For Bank Wire Payment: email for instructions on how to pay via bank wire. Include your name, username and packages you want to buy in the email. You should get a reply soon with the full details of the bank where you will wire your payment.

Important: After you send your wire, make sure the bank gives you a wire confirmation receipt document. You will take a clear picture of this receipt, attach the picture in the email and send the company your receipt and your information to let them know who you are, what package you upgraded to, and that your bank wire was already sent. Send Email to:

Make sure in this email you include:

Sender’s Message: Your username and account type.

1.Your Name

2. The Email listed on your account

3. The best phone number to reach you on

4. The username listed on your account

5. The package amount you purchased

6. Attach the picture of your receipt to this email so the company has proof of your purchase details.


You will pay whatever fees your bank will charge you in sending the wire. These packages are in Euro currency so when you send your bank wire, make sure you are sending this amount in Euros if you are from Europe. People from Asia can buy their packages with Euros and US Dollars and people from Africa also. Make sure you are sending off the correct amount. 

You can use Currency Calculator - Menu -> Tools&Analysis -> Currency Calculator

1. After activated your account on your Dashboard you got Tokens - ammounts depends which package you got. Now wait for your account split. Depending on your package type, you need to make sure you get all your split before submitting your tokens into mining. Submitting tokens before account split will terminate all other split, unless you have you have an automatic mining package like Tycoon Plus, Premium or Infinity.

To know how many split does your account have, log in to your back office at and look for Account Split Counter. If it says, 0 of 1, it means you only have 1 split. If it says 0 of 2, it means you need to wait 2 splits. Split Barometer would tell you how many percent until the Next Split will happen. It was announced that the average days for every split is 45 days.

                                                                                 Account Splits ⤵ ⤵ ⤵ 

Once you get all your account split, please follow the instructions on how to submit your tokens for mining:


1. On the left side click Dashboard










2. On your Dashboard screen click on Tokens Account








3. On your Tokens Account screen, look at the right side and you will see the Mining Shortcut

4. On the Mining Screen, indicate the number of tokens that you want to submit for mining. The number indicated here is just a sample.


6. After you click Submit, go back to your Dashboard. When your coins are mined, it will appear in your Dashboard.

While waiting for your account split, you need to complete your profile and upload your KYC ( Know Your Customer ) documents. Getting approved for KYC takes about one month so you need to provide all documents as soon as you can. 

If you have multiple OneLife/OneCoin accounts, you will only upload your KYC documents once. Follow the steps below in uploading your KYC documents in your OneLife Backoffice:

1. Log in to your OneLife backoffice –

2. On your Backoffice on the left click on My Profile

3. On the ‘My Profile’ page, click on the ‘KYC’ tab

4. Click on the ‘Choose File’  button, and locate the scanned copy of your Identity Document. Click again on the ‘Choose File’ button and locate the scanned document that will support your Proof of Address. Once you have chosen the files, click on ‘Submit’ button.


5. According to OneLife’s website, you can use the following as your identity document:

  • National ID Card

  • National Passport

  • International Passport

Additionally, any one of the documents is accepted for the Proof of Address:

  • Utility bills (electricity, gas, water, waste, etc.) less than 6 months old

  • Document issued by a Bank less than 6 months old

  • Document from Municipality/Government Agency/Tax Authorities – most recent

  • Not expired National ID Card/Passport (all sides) if the address is shown in the document

  • Other documents issued by the Government where the names and the address are shown



NOT Accepted:
Residence permits, Driving licenses, Donor ID card, TAX ID card, Voter ID card, etc.


The following details must be clearly visible:
– Personal photo
– All personal names
– Date of birth
– Document serial number
– Issuing date of the document
– Expiry date of the document
– Issuing authority

OneCoin DO NOT Accept as Proof of Address the below documents:

  1. Mobile phone bills, Invoices from Telecommunication companies

  2. Courier receipts

  3. Documents issued from

    • Pension funds

    • Insurance agencies

    • Securities and Investment Funds

    • Companies provided money transfer services (Western union, Money gram, IRemit, etc.)

    • Schools, Colleges, Universities

  4. Invoices from stores

  5. Credit/debit card statements issued from store chains

  6. Receipt/Invoices from Clinics/Hospitals, Pharmacies

  7. Taxes for pets, etc.


KYC documents MUST meet the following criteria:

  1. Handwritten documents are not accepted, even if there is a signature & stamp

  2. All submitted KYC documents must be written with Latin letters. Otherwise only official translation of the document signed and stamped by a certified translator together with the copy of the original document must be provided. KYC documents not written with Latin letters and without official translations will be Declined.

  3. The details written on the uploaded documents as name, address, country, ID number, expiry date, etc. must exactly match with the information filled in by you on the menu Profile > Main information. Otherwise the KYC documents will be Declined.

  4. Acceptable documents formats are: PDF, JPEG (.jpg) and PNG (.png)

  5. Max file size of the documents must be up to 6 MB

  6. Once uploaded the documents can not be deleted, but upon new uploading the old files are replaced with the new ones

As I mentioned, if you have multiple OneLife/OneCoin accounts, once you uploaded and submitted the required identity and proof of address documents, you can use that account as a reference KYC for your other accounts. Just input the Username and password of the mentioned KYC reference account.

After you complete your KYC you can start to learn more about investing, trading and profiting from cryptocurrency. Log in at  

Also you can start building your own business to referring people, you can give them your referral link - log in to your OneLife backoffice at and click My Profile then copy your invite link. Please note that you can choose which side those sign-ups will go. Placement of New Members can be assigned to your Right Leg or Left Leg or Alternately. I provide spillover to your network as my way to help you build your network so that you earn bonuses easily. Click My Network and if you see people to your Right, then you may want to put people you personally invited to your Left Leg or vice versa. However, you may also manually add a new member to your network, just click My Network and find the first available position on your network tree and decide which side you will put them, left or right.