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How Can I Sell My OneCoins ?

Officially OneCoin becomes a publicly traded currency in 2018:

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Until OneCoin becomes a publicly traded currency, you can use your coins to:

1. You can keep your Onecoin in your account and just wait for increase value and sell when becomes a publicly traded.

According to the calculations of Dr. Ruja Ignatova, in 2018, it could be €100 per coin (optimistic scenario base on the success of Bitcoin).

Example 1: You have 1000 OneCoin today. Should you decide to sell your coins at current price which is 9.85$ ( March 2017 ) you earn 9.850$.

Example 2: If you decide to sell your coins later, say in 2018 that each coin by then would be €100, the value of your coins would then be 1000 x €100 = €100,000

Example 3: What if you have more OneCoin, say €2000, 2000x €100= € 200,000

2. You can use them on the Deal Shaker platform to buy goods and services.

3. Convert them into OFC that will secure for you shares of stock in the company.

4. You can put them into CoinSafe so that they earn interest while they wait

What is Deal Shaker ?

Dealshaker is an online deals marketplace and advertising service provider with a membership-based customer base. The platform enables business-to-customer and customer-to-customer deal promotions in combination of cash(EUR) and the new-age, mass cryptocurrency-OneCoin. Ads are grouped based on geographic area, business category and type.

The concept is similar to Groupon and merchants can sign-up for free, to create promotions/discounts to attract new customers. Local merchants and restaurants can also offer 50%-100% coupons for example that can be paid with OneCoins + Cash and you can activate them in the local shop/restaurant. All members can login on the DealShaker platform with their OneLife access data. You don´t have to sign-up again. If you aren´t a OneLife member so far and you want to become a DealShaker user, or merchant, you can sign-up for free.

What is OFC ?

OFC ( Options for Future Certificate ) Dr.Ruja Ignatova sad the only way to get involved with the Onecoin IPO which will take place the 2nd quarter of 2018 is by owning actual Onecoin and transferring the coins into OFC’s. These OFC’s will allow you future certificates that will entitle you to receive shares of the Onecoin IPO which will be listed on a major Asian stock exchange.

How to convert OneCoins to OFC:

To convert your OneCoins, log-in to your OneLife back office:

1. Go to OneCoin Account and click CONVERT OFC’s then agree to terms.

2. Next is choose your Conversion method either Convert From OneCoin account or Convert From CoinSafe account

3. Enter how many OFC’s you want to convert, enter you transaction password and its ready.

To check how many shares or OneCoin OFC you hold, go to (only after you converted your ONE to OFC).

What is CoinSafe?

CoinSafe is the OneCoin product giving you the chance to deposit your coins and keep them safe for a certain period of time. As a result, you will earn an interest on the balance of your coins besides what you earn from the rising value of the coin.

You can choose between the following time frames:

- 12 months - you will earn 10% on your coin balance for 12 months

- 18 months - you will earn 11% on your coin balance for 18 months

- 24 months - you will earn 12% on your coin balance for 24 months

When the deposit period ends the amount of coins in your account reflects the change in value of the coin plus the CoinSafe earnings.

CoinSafe will be automatically renewed under the same conditions for another 6 months unless you request to terminate it when your deposit period is over.

How to create CoinSafe account:

1. Log-in to your OneLife back office,

2. Go to OneCoin account and click CoinSafe,

3. In Coinsafe product choose for how long you would like to deposit your coins,

4. Next Transaction password and enter Send.

You find CoinSafe under Accounts in menu.

What is OneLife Network and how I can make profit?

The OneLife Network is a growing global network that was born out of the OneCoin cryptocurrency brand. When mining OneCoins, users become part of a global network of millions of OneCoin miners, called the OneLife Network. The OneLife Network business model is based on a direct sales concept, in which members can profit by referring and selling our products and services, including educational packages about cryptocurrency and financial management called OneAcademy

There are four types of bonuses that the OneLife Network gives to its members: 1) the start-up bonus, 2) the network bonus, 3) the matching bonus 4) the direct sales bonus, 5) OneLife Points (OLP) 6) OneCoin Leadership Program 60% of all bonuses are allocated to a member’s cash account and 40% go to their trading account (with the exception of the start-up bonus which is 100% all located to the trading account). The bonus round cut-off time is Sunday at 24:00 GMT. Bonuses are generated each Monday at 16:00 GMT. Bonuses are allocated to cash and trading accounts one week after their generation, on Mondays at 16:00 GMT.

1. Start-up bonus

2. The Network Bonus

Network marketing systems, i.e. binary, so that whenever the users register, they get placed either on the right or left leg. You have the option to place the newbies as you want to and you will be offered a commission of 10% of BV that accumulates in your weak leg. ( BV Business Volume – business volume reflecting the turnover of your team. Your commissions depend on the volume BV. 1 Euro=1 BV). Once the bonus is activated, the point summation of your weak leg gets burnt on either leg and the remaining points on the strong leg, gets added to the next bonus. If you want to generate a regular income from your network, you have to ensure that you always generate volumes on both legs.


Person who bought Trader Package of 500 Euro and you place him in your LEFT Leg you will get 500 points equal to his Package in your LEFT Leg Now the next person you can place in your RIGHT Leg and lets say he bought the same 500 Euro Package. Now you have 1000 points from your RIGHT and LEFT legs.

Person from your Left Leg signed up two person ( Trader 500 + Starter 100 = 600 Points ), on your Right Leg person which you place signed up two person ( Pro Trader 1000 + Pro Trader 1000 = 2000 Points).

So, on your Left Leg you got ( 500+500+100=1100 Points )

on your Right Leg you got ( 500+1000+1000=2500 Points )

Now you have 2500 points and 1100 points in your RIGHT and LEFT legs which leg is weaker right your LEFT Leg with less points so every week on Monday your weaker Leg will be Minus from your Strong Leg. Here 2550-1100 =1400. Now you will get 10 percent of your weaker leg here is given example you will get 10% of 1100 which is 110 Euro. And your LEFT leg will be set to ZERO, now in your RIGHT Leg you have 1400 points and in LEFT Leg its ZERO you can place more members in you LEFT Leg to get Bonus next Week.

*From the bonus 60% will go to your cash account and 40% will go to mandatory account. You can either withdraw or invest it again for mining. i.e if you earn 100 euro through bonus, you will get 60 euro in cash account and 40 euro in mandatory account.

3. The Matching Bonus

Matching bonuses can be a big part from your total income. Matching bonuses even up to four (4) generations, depending which Training package you are using. Rookie and Starter packages does not include Matching Bonuses. All bonuses will be paid every monday

When you have two directly sponsored activated referrals, it will form a pair and it will give you pair bonus of the average of their activation fee. i.e when you have added two direct activated referrals of starter 100 euro, you will get 20 euro bonus. If your referrals made activation with two different packages, say example one is activating with 100 euro and another one activating with 1000 euro you will get 10% from the average 55 euros as commission.

Example for matching bonuses:

4. The Direct Sales Bonus

The Direct Sales Bonus provides you 10% commission on the activation packages. i.e when a member join in your team on your referral link under starter package of 100 euro, you will get 10 euro as bonus. If your referral upgrade on tycoon trader package of 5000 euro you will get 500 euro commission. If you have made at least one direct referral activation you will be qualified to get OLP-One Life Points.

5. OneLife Points (OLP)

6. OneCoin Leadership Program

How many accounts can I sign up for ?

You can register as many accounts you wish – but every account needs to have an unique username.

Can I change my username ?

No. The username chosen in signup is not possible to change.

Can I delete my account ?

No. But feel free to change email and password if you like.

I placed a member on the wrong side, can you change the placement ?

No. Our system pays commission on positions that are active and one single signup can result in a lot of people immediately getting paid. Thus we can’t make any changes after a signup has been made.

Can I get a Refund ?

No Refunds are made on packages. Our system pays commission and one single signup can result in a lot of people immediately getting paid. This is the reason we have a no refund policy in the terms and conditions that all members have agreed to.

Why OneCoin is better than Bitcoin?

Is OneCoin are Scam?

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